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TUALANG (Koompassia excelsa)

Sapwood is well-defined. Heartwood is reddish brown to deep brick red-brown when finish, weathering to a deep chocolate brown
Suitable for heavy construction, posts, beams, joints, heavy-duty pallets, parquet and strip flooring and heavy-duty furniture.

KEMPAS (Koompassia malaccensis)

Sapwood is well-defined and yellow in colour. Heartwood is pinkish when fresh and darkening to a bright orange-red or deep brown
Suitable for heavy construction, railway sleepers, transmission posts, beams, joints, bridges, wharves, fence, posts, pilling, parquet and strip flooring, paneling, heavy-duty furniture, heavy-duty pallets, boxes, crates and tool handles.

KANDIS (Garcinia spp.)

Sapwood is usually lighter in colour and is not sharply defined from the heartwood. Heartwood is variable in colour, dark red-brown in some species and yellow in others.
Used for poles and fence posts. The heavier species are reported to be suitable for bridges and other heavy construction, flooring and pallets.

BITIS (Madhuca utills )

Sapwood is well-defined. Heartwood is red-brown or chocolate brown in colour .
Suitable for heavy construction, bridges, wharves, piers, pilling, posts, beams joints, railway sleepers, transmission posts, paving blocks, parquet flooring and heavy-duty flooring.

BALAU (Shorea spp.)

Sapwood is moderately well-defined and lighter in colour then the heartwood. Colour of freshly cut heartwood is yellow-brown or brown or brown with reddish tinge weathering ultimately to a deeper shade of brown or reddish dark brown.
Suitable for all forms of heavy construction, bridges, wharves, railway sleepers, pilling, transmission posts, beams, keels, keelsons, framework of boats, dock blocks. Fenders, framework of carriages, wagons, lorry and truck bodywork, door and window frames, heavy-duty flooring and heavy-duty furniture.